Trauma Center: Under the Knife ( Chou Shittou Caduceus ) (2)

I am Japanese.
This page relies on the machine translation. sorry.

This site is 2nd page
1st is here

The image and the video that is here are the one of a Japanese version.
2006/2/24 make : TKI

last update :2006/6/3
X1perfectTA0330.wmv up!


advice in a Japanese version


file stage notes
reverse.wmv No.01 Standard Procedure
(add condition + rankS)
Rank S doesn't go out easily, it is the first stage.
The condition is in video.

kirix5_1H6min.wmv five Kyriaki
(one hand)
without HT
I have used HT it is possible to make a mistake. orz
And because DS shifted, timer is not seen easily.
remain 6minutes. :D



file stage notes
X1perfectTA0330.wmv X1Kyriaki
(perfect+time trial)
I did not omit treating.
and 3:30 remains.

2006/6/3 new!
wakare.wmv no.3 wakare no syujutu
<A Farewell>
(foolish play)
Not super play.
using two styluses strangely.
Perhaps, it is dark in the future of this method.
It is foolish.
X7_3min_cooking.wmv X7Savato This is a video thought to become reference of capture.
I used technique that peeled off the court between 2 and 3.
(Is there this in US version?)
X7_noblue.wmv X7Savato
(no blue spider.)
defeating Savato.
no blue spider.
but rank C.
penp_jel.wmv X5Pempti
(rank S + no syringe)
without using the injection.

2006/3/1 reUPLORD
deftera.wmv X2Deftera
(rank S)
defeating Deftera.

2005/11/19 consecutive 3 victories
2006/3/1 reUPLORD